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Research & Development

INFINITT is one of the few companies that offer cross-disciplinary/cross departmental image and information management solutions where all applications have all been developed in-house. Most companies acquire products that have been designed by different groups of developers on an assortment of technology platforms.

To INFINITT customers, this means we know our products inside and out, and have greater ability to respond to service and customization requests. Since there is consistency across product lines, integration is greatly simplified. In fact, most of our products require no internal interfaces because they are built on a common database.  In addition, INFINITT develops its own gateways, routers and migration tools.

INFINITT’s R & D strategy emphasizes compliance with global standards including DICOM, HL7, IHE, and HIPAA. Our technology has been verified in more than 5,200 clinics and hospitals worldwide. We are committed to healthcare imaging and IT and continuously strive to refine our products and exceed our customers’ expectations.