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Executive KLAS Commentary May 2017

We were looking at a lot of different vendors when we decided to go with INFINITT. We are not so big that we have a giant, robust IT infrastructure. We were really looking for fully web-hosted, web-enabled products that our physicians could use among the different hospitals and their homes. We looked at a lot of PACS products, and, of course, we used KLAS' website for recommendations and rankings. We were able to get our list down to four products. We did our homework, and INFINITT came out on top. As we searched for the product with the biggest bang for our buck and with the features we wanted, INFINITT PACS was our primary option. A really big benefit was that it was also cloud based.

Director/Physician KLAS Commentary May 2017

We use a different PACS at one of our other facilities, and the difference between that PACS and INFINITT PACS is night and day. We have so much flexibility with INFINITT PACS, and it is the easiest product to integrate across facilities. Our physicians who use the other PACS are now crying for this one. That is great.

Executive KLAS Commentary May 2017

The INFINITT people are very customer-service oriented and very flexible. They really want to help to make things better. They bend over backward to make us as efficient as possible. Also, INFINITT's pricing is really good.

Director/Physician KLAS Commentary March 2017

INFINITT is really proactive. Their executives are really involved and come to our site often to meet with our executives.

Manager/Analyst KLAS Commentary March 2017

INFINITT PACS is probably the smoothest part of our imaging suite, and once we get it upgraded, it will be even smoother. We have not had any issues with it, and I like the modification-match worklist. The system is also really user friendly, which is a nice change.

Director/Physician KLAS Commentary February 2017

The nicest positives we experience with INFINITT PACS are the ease of use, the retrieval speed, and the quality of the images produced. The software produces very sharp images and has proven to be reliable. We see few bugs or errors. Our radiologists are satisfied with the quality of the software and the reporting capabilities, which are extensive and customizable.

Executive KLAS Commentary February 2017

INFINITT is a good partner. They work pretty hard for what we need them to do. Sometimes a good experience really comes down to the people. The person from INFINITT who is assigned to our site really goes above and beyond for us and really helps represent INFINITT.

Manager/Analyst KLAS Commentary January 2017

INFINITT PACS was designed to work in a virtual environment, so once the servers were built, INFINITT installed the software within a week, and we were able to start migrating images to INFINITT PACS. We had rounds of testing that lasted longer than a week, but it only took INFINITT about a week to set the system up. I was writing and testing on it within a week. That was pretty good.

Manager/Analyst KLAS Commentary January 2017

INFINITT has a good support staff. I have only had to call the support people a handful of times. We recently did a minor patch update, and it was pretty simple. INFINITT just copied some new files to the server, and the next time a user got on a workstation, the system automatically downloaded the update. That was pretty nice.

Manager/Analyst KLAS Commentary December 2016

All of the new modules that we have purchased have been absorbed into the new contract. We added some enhancements for some additional fees, but we didn’t have to fight third-party vendors or worry about interfacing the products. The functionality is all included and mapped into the backbone of INFINITT PACS.

Manager/Analyst KLAS Commentary November 2016

The two things that I like most about INFINITT PACS are the dictation and the viewing capabilities. . The viewing capabilities have been a huge plus for us. The result of the voice dictation is very useful and helpful. This product works, and it keeps me happy.

Executive KLAS Commentary October 2016

INFINITT is great. They have been trying a lot of new things at our clinic. If I come up with an idea, they develop it. They are very friendly, and I enjoy working with them. People like INFINITT PACS a lot. We might add in some new IT components to make the system more like a gateway so that we can look at priors that are stored at other facilities. I am really impressed with our PACS and with INFINITT as a company.

Manager/Analyst KLAS Commentary October 2016

For us, it has always been about simplicity. We train a lot of radiologists, and I usually get the task of getting new radiologists up to speed on the PACS. The younger radiologists are more proficient with computers, and it takes literally about 15 minutes to get them to where they can read from INFINITT PACS. The system is very intuitive, and it is easy for these guys to use. New radiologists can pretty much figure it out straight away. Also, the system never crashes, and it is easy to compare studies on.

Manager/Analyst KLAS Commentary September 2016

INFINITT PACS is working well, and I love that it is so customizable. It can be customized not only for the radiology department but also for the techs, providers, and ER physicians.

Director/Physican KLAS Commentary September 2016

NFINITT has a great imaging solution for both PACS and cardiology. We went with the cardiology solution because of our experience with the PACS. The system is on one platform, and it is completely solid. We just do not get any downtime.

Manager/Analyst KLAS Commentary August 2016

INFINITT PACS is a very solid PACS and very reliable. We just do not have downtime. One of the big advantages with INFINITT is that our PACS and cardio database are one system, so our physicians can look at studies from both on one solution and viewer. It has been very positive for them and saves time because they are not going back and forth.

Director/Physican KLAS Commentary June 2016

I have been extremely satisfied with INFINITT PACS. Overall, this PACS has a great user interface that makes it very easy to use and navigate, especially when compared to other PACS that I am familiar with.

Director/Physican KLAS Commentary May 2016

The support people are available 24/7, and they are almost immediate in their responses. When we call in, we can almost always reach a live person, and we are generally able to get in touch with the right department for our specific issue. Overall, our radiologists are very satisfied with both the company and the product.

Director/Physician KLAS Commentary April 2016

"INFINITT has a fantastic team up and down the ladder. The product exceeds all of our expectations, and we look forward to it being our flagship solution for a long time."

Manager/Analyst KLAS Commentary November 2015

INFINITT has an affordable PACS that fits our needs perfectly. They continually give us upgrades and make sure that we are taken care of. Their service people are probably INFINITT's biggest strength. They are educated and hands on, and they always go the extra step to make sure we know what we are doing and how to best use our PACS. INFINITT PACS is very user friendly, and its upgrades go seamlessly. It has great functionality, and it helps us get our jobs done. It is a very reliable PACS.

Director/Physican KLAS Commentary October 2015

INFINITT PACS is very easy to use and work with. It produces sharp images. Also, our radiologists like the speed with which the images are produced.

Physician/KLAS Commentary June 2015

“... I read for multiple sites through INFINITT PACS, and the integration is very simple. When it comes to INFINITT's response times when there are service issues, they are head and shoulders above the other PACS vendors whose products I read through. INFINITT resolves issues within hours where other vendors take weeks. For my practice, INFINITT PACS is perfect, and I wouldn't go with anything else.”

“We have nothing but good things to say about our INFINITT products”

Our physicians are extremely happy with the PACS and with its functionality. It is an excellent product for new users because the learning curve is very small. Navigation within the system is very simple because it doesn’t take much maneuvering to get where we want to be. We could not be happier with INFINITT, their products, or the support we are given.

“The quality and accessibility of the images are the standouts”

The system provides crisp, clear images that make the physician’s job much easier. The search features are very intuitive and easy to use. They make finding the stored information quick and painless. The software itself was designed for ease of use for end users. INFINITT PACS is a very solid PACS.

"INFINITT PACS is just very user friendly"

INFINITT PACS is very easy to use. Our technicians ... appreciate INFINITT PACS more after they go other places and use different machines. INFINITT PACS is just very user friendly. The hanging protocols are easy to set up. Radiologists are able to have their comparisons come up without having to search for them, and prior reports are readily available.

"It is very flexible for customization"

I love INFINITT PACS. It is very flexible for customization, and the user interface and support are pretty good. There are a lot of administrative tools that we get to play around with, and we get to do a lot of data research. The integration with almost any third-party tool, like from MEDITECH or Nuance, is pretty spot on.

"INFINITT PACS has been a great experience"

INFINITT was right on when it came to the implementation process, and they executed it very well. We had really good training and felt like everything was given to us in bite-sized chunks. Overall, we had a smooth transition, and INFINITT PACS has been a great experience.

"The ease of use is absolutely great."

I really like INFINITT PACS. The ease of use is absolutely great. I think I have to give the majority of the credit to the excellent service we have had. I feel like INFINITT has been with us every step of the way on our journey to meet the goals we have in our department. They are actually focused on what we want to do with the system, and they have made adjustments to make us happy. That has made all of the difference.

Hackettstown Diagnostic Imaging Relies on INFINITT Products

Hackettstown Diagnostic Imaging uses INFINITT PACS and RIS with their cloud-based solution, INFINITT Smart-NET, to give our health system greater bandwidth, reliability, and security. Since we have multiple sites, we rely on INFINITT to manage our imaging needs. We also utilize INFINITT's integrated billing interface, voice recognition software and mobile solution to save both time and money.

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Palisades Medical Center installs INFINITT Cardiology Suite

Palisades Medical Center uses the INFINITT Cardiology Suite to improve workflow for the medical staff and enhance the value of our EMR (electronic medical record) by making all images and studies available in one place.

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Technology Update from INFINITT North America

A brief outline of our products, services, vision, and latest news.

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