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Xelis Cardiac

xelis cardiacXelis Cardiac provides easy and powerful 2D and 3D display and analysis tools for evaluation of Coronary CT Angiography. It delivers large volumetric studies with comprehensive image analysis, soft plaque analysis and measurement tools for more effective and accurate diagnosis as well as convenient surgical planning.

Xelis Cardiac


    • Fast volume loading improves cardiac CT post-processing, improves radiologist productivity and enhances utilization of Multi-slice CT data. 
    • Includes powerful MPR slab review, including 4D Cardiac MPR and VR images to visualize cardiac wall motion and contractility.
    • Optimized segmentation allows user to extract heart and aortic root for vessel analysis. Offers automatic rib cage removal and sculpting.
    • Complete tool set for cardiac vessel analysis, cardiac functional analysis and cardiac calcium scoring.
    • Automatic population of results to customized report templates in MS Word format.