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INFINITT Non-invasive Vascular

INFINITT Cardiology Suite offers specialized functionality for the Non-Invasive Vascular Lab, collecting and managing data electronically to help increase productivity and hospital revenues while improving workflow and the quality of patient care. Also offers options to compare Non-invasive Vascular findings with invasive Cath studies and other statistics.



    • Includes sophisticated reporting templates for more than 20 Non-Invasive Vascular procedures, compliant with ICAVL guidelines/standards. 
    • Diagrams auto-populate statements based on study findings. 
    • Custom pre-sets and one-click loaded templates enable users to mirror lab workflow.
    • Provides specialized statistical tools to simplify submission of data for first-time accreditation or re-accreditation to ICAVL.
    • Offers intuitive tool-set for re-measurement of vascular image.