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INFINITT Nuclear Medicine

INFINITT Cardiology Suite offers manipulation and processing of raw data from any workstation, or the capability to store raw and already processed data from a stand-alone system.

INFINITT Nuclear Medicine


    • Post-processing capabilities within the Cardiology Viewer enable advanced quantification of raw nuclear medicine data.
    • Integrated Corridor4DM allows post-processing and reporting to be performed on a single workstation and provides a comprehensive tool-set for accurate assessment of cardiac perfusion, function and metabolism. 
    • QA measures include intelligent workflow; quantification of myocardial perfusion, functionality and viability.
    • Offers multiple review screens with advanced post-processing capabilities. 
    • Able to combine EKG and Nuclear Medicine reports into one template, with option for one or two approvers.
    • Integrated customizable reporting templates are compliant with ICANL standards.