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INFINITT Healthcare Platform (VNA)

Data Migration

Implementation of INFINITT Healthcare Platform requires the migration of DICOM and non-DICOM image data, reports, faxes, lab results and other related data between archives.  IHP has an embedded migration engine that includes mechanisms to ensure data integrity and synchronization, to provide a unified view of the Patient file. IHP’s migration tools can be adapted to different hospital environments and INFINITT’s skilled and experienced team of migration specialists will help to determine the optimal methods for achieving your organization’s goals.


    • Includes embedded migration tools that allow access to prior and relevant studies while migration is being performed
    • Performs migration via DICOM study Query/Retrieve and performs a “Copy and Registration” of imaging studies
    • Provides data migration with the ability to ingest DICOM and non-DICOM content and make it available in its native format to the originating system
    • Migrates DICOM studies, series and SOP instance data including DICOM Grayscale Softcopy Presentation States (GSPS)
    • Provides data migration reports; including total studies to migrate, percent migrated and migration errors
    • Performs DICOM tag morphing, mapping DICOM data elements and metadata on-the-fly to support data exchange between PACS.
    • Supports IOCM IHE profile so that updates from other systems automatically update to the VNA and all destinations that received studies in order for all available information to stay synchronized.