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INFINITT Healthcare Platform (VNA)

Management & Monitoring

IHP includes an embedded system monitoring solution that monitors the hardware, operating systems and all services.  It performs proactive monitoring of the archive, applications, database, infrastructure and interfaces and alerts the customer when warning thresholds are reached. It can also interface to third party System Monitoring solutions.



    • Centralizes user and system configuration and preferences management.
    • System does not require an independent QA workstation
    • Supports intelligent Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), purging studies based on configurable rules for moving and deleting data based on clinical metadata associated with the study.
    • Able to support separate ILM strategies for each department or specialty, e.g. Mammography
    • Provides a virtual IP (VIP) to present services with the capability to manage traffic; e.g. C-Store, DMWL, QRSCP and HL7
    • Provides database separation logic by Institution Name, Department or equivalent.         
    • Also provides database separation logic for anomalies, exceptions or unspecified studies by Institution Name, Department or equivalent e.g. "Diagnostic Radiology users will not see anomalies, exceptions or unspecified studies from Microscopy"
    • Provides load balancing and failover for all services; archive, application (C-Store, DMWL, QRSCP), database, infrastructure (DNS, NTP, SNMP, SMTP), middleware (broker or interface)
    • Enables Performance Analytics-integration that allows 3rd party applications to leverage direct database access, provides for access via web services or access to metadata through MINT interface access solutions
    • Enables discrete data abstraction using an advanced migration service that links the content within the VNA’s architecture to discrete data that can support future advanced reporting.
    • Can be configured to provide redundancy for all hardware components and servers, includingdisk controllers, network interface cards, power supplies, etc. and for all services (C-Store, DMWL, QRSCP), database, infrastructure (DNS, NTP, SNMP, SMTP), and middleware (broker or interface).