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Xelis Fusion

Xelis Fusion allows the user to fuse multi-modality studies, visualize 3D fused images and perform quantitative analysis with speed and accuracy. It includes integrated, freely-rotating MPR functions, calculates PT Standard Uptake Values (SUV) and stores/sends images in DICOM 3.0 format. Offers both manual and automatic registration methods.

Multi-modality Image Fusion
Multi-modality Image Fusion


    • Supports any combination of PT & CT 
    • Provides quantitative analysis tools and rapid image navigation 
    • Supports 3D region of interest (ROI) SUV analysis 
    • Provides user-configurable layouts for comparing current and prior studies
    • Compare current with prior study Maximum SUV Change
    • Multiple user-defined color maps 
    • Slide bar controls for AC Brightness and Background Intensity
    • Save PT/CT back to PACS - MPR Captured, Single Screen or Entire Image Set