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INFINITT Orthopedic PACS provides access to digital orthopedic images for diagnosis, comparison & analysis, surgical planning, archiving, reporting and distribution. Offered both as an onsite system and as an ASP, cloud technology solution for lower volume imaging sites.

Orthopedic PACS


    • INFINITT Orthopedic PACS provides access to multi-modality digital images from any Internet-connected or wireless PC for any authorized viewer.
    • Allows Orthopedic specialists to send images securely to referring physicians by Internet and to save images to CD/DVD.
    • Enables referring physician to view and compare prior studies (CR, DR and MRI) that patients bring in on CD.
    • Powered by OrthoView™ for pre-operative planning, accurate measurement, precise template selection and more.
    • Can be fully integrated with EMR, Practice Management, billing and other office information systems.