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INFINITT RESULTS is an optional add-on module for use with INFINITT PACS. Although this module was initially designed to streamline radiology reporting, it has gone beyond that, re-defining the interpretation process altogether.The end result is a completely speech-driven interpretation process, which allows the radiologist to not only complete the report by speaking, but also to navigate the PACS system itself with speech commands. Radiologists no longer need to search for tools or use hot-keys; now they can speak their intent, whether it be image manipulation or report creation, and the action will be performed.

INFINITT Results also offers great flexibility. The reporting process allows for any combination of radiologist self-edit vs. back-end editor workflow, meeting the needs of all users. Radiologists have the ability to create and sign reports, or to dictate and defer to editors for corrections. Either way, the system will automatically translate the voice to text and also maintain a voice dictation file. With a traditional system the radiologist has to choose between free-form dictation and structured, standardized reports.

Results Screen


    • Automatically translates voice to text with a very high degree of accuracy
    • Maintains narratives and structured, standardized reports (for normals and most common conditions).
    • Templates load automatically with the study, and will support any letterhead.
    • Allows for creation of custom templates and macros.
    • Deployment of the software is simple and fast; all it requires is additional licensing and a software upgrade.
    • Allows for any combination of self-edit or back-end edit workflow.
    • Fully integrated with INFINITT PACS, eliminates third party licensing and interface issues.
    • Streamlines radiologists’ workflow – automatically sends completed report to be faxed, printed or transmitted via HL7 interface.