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INFINITT Unified Worklist

INFINITT  Unified Worklist consolidates worklists, image viewing and reporting for radiological studies sent from multiple facilities and disparate PACS; returns results to the appropriate facility’s EMR, HIS, RIS, or HIE. Connects multiple healthcare facilities and disparate PACS environments.

Unified Worklist
Unified Worklist


    • Designed for radiologists who read for multiple facilities with different vendors’ PACS, Teleradiology for multiple sites with different vendors’ PACS, and hospital and imaging center delivery networks having common ownership but disparate PACS.
    • Current and prior images from any site; any version of HL7 supported.
    • Reduces administrative tasks, improves workflow, and enables faster report turnaround.
    • Unified system for report creation – single user interface, single logon and tool set, single dictation/transcription solution. 
    • Automates Report “Send” to originating site.