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Electronic Image & Information Management Solution

The INFINITT EIMS program combines a comprehensive electronic image and information management solution with a sophisticated per-procedure financial model. Customers are billed at a flat monthly rate –to include hardware, software, data migration and professional services-- based on anticipated imaging volumes.


    • INFINITT EIMS provides the very latest image ؏ information management technology while reducing the need for local support — it is ideal for the imaging service that is short on IT resources. 
    • Includes equipment and technology management and upgrades, eliminating concerns about technology obsolescence.
    • Offers a predictable, all-in-one cost structure that is totally scalable. It can be applied to PACS, RIS, 3D modules, Mammo PACS and all other INFINITT products, whether you’re doing 5,000 or 500,000 imaging procedures annually. 
    • As an option, INFINITT will provide an on-site Field Service Engineer 1-3 days per week for the duration of the EIMS contract.