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Your end-to-end solution for integration with INFINITT RIS/PACS
INFINITT Smart LINK provides a multitude of options to easily connect, integrate and interact with your INFINITT RIS/PACS.

Smart LINK
Smart LINK 2

    EHR Integration
    is a cutting-edge solution that allows providers to submit orders and access INFINITT RIS/PACS image links and reports through multiple EMRs. Clients are able to connect through various standards or formats such as HL7, CCD, XML, CCR, X12, JSON protocols and more.
    INFINITT Physician Connect (IPC)
    • IPC is the latest Smart LINK module providing referring physicians an innovative method to connect without any dependency on EMRs.
    • Send orders effortlessly from any platform to INFINITT RIS/PACS sites without any HL7 or point to point connections. Only takes a few minutes to deploy!
    • View reports via the Report Viewer in PDF or plain text format, and patient images via ULite zero footprint viewer.
    • A unique user interface to access INFINITT Reports in client’s preferred format.