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INFINITT Smart Net is an ASP (Application Service Provider), hosted PACS solution that allows customers to store images and information remotely using cloud technology. Multiple copies of images are stored at INFINITT’s secure data centers, and accessed via the Internet over Wide Area Networks (WAN).


    • INFINITT Smart Net uses an Enterprise Storage Area Network (SAN) and redundant online archive for real-time image backup.
    • Roaming profiles allow individual users to access their customized viewing protocols regardless of location.
    • On-site caching server (optional) eliminates delay associated with slow network bandwidth.
    • Data encryption is provided through secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, with access control and audit trails required for HIPAA compliance.
    • Can be interfaced to your RIS, Practice Management or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.
    • DICOM printing, paper scanning and digital dictation supported.