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Enterprise Imaging

Enterprise imaging (EI) is a major area of interest for image-generating departments, and has become a significant IT imperative.  INFINITT’s approach to EI includes specialized clinical tools and workflows and a powerful vendor neutral archive (VNA) that manages image data and reports across multiple departments or facilities. Consolidation is a key driver for moving to EI and implementing a VNA because it centralizes all content from radiology, cardiology, radiation therapy, wound care, dermatology and other ‘ologies’ in a single location where it can be accessed on demand by clinicians.


INFINITT is a leader in promoting interoperability, with participation in the IHE since its inception and demonstrated connectivity with information systems from every major vendor. Validation at the IHE Connectathon ensures that INFINITT products support our customers’ interoperability requirements across the healthcare enterprise. Through our experience, passion and dedication, we are proud to take integration and interoperability to a higher level.

Our solutions simplify integration to enable data exchange across hospitals, healthcare systems and regional healthcare initiatives, improving both the quality and efficiency of patient care. We also interface to numerous non-DICOM devices and all major electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Our award-winning service is here to support your integration goals.

Vendor Neutral Archive

INFINITT Healthcare Platform (IHP) is a standards-based VNA that archives, manages and exchanges standard and non-standard content, enhancing existing PACS and enabling providers to build health IT ecosystems that facilitate safer and timelier patient-centered care. This solution reduces management complexity, lowers the total cost of ownership and eliminates the need for data migrations when replacing departmental PACS in the future.

IHP VNA options include DICOM tag morphing tools, powerful routing and purge rules, information lifecycle management (ILM) and system monitoring. The system supports LDAP, enabling the cross-department sharing of medical data with a single sign-on and fully supports DICOM, HL7 and IHE Integration Profiles, FHIR, WADO, QUIDO, STOW-RS and RESTful Open APIs. IHP also supports non-DICOM data, including documents (ASCII Text, DOC, DOCX, RTF, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX and PDF), images (JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF), audio (MP3) and video (MP4).

INFINITT Digital Pathology Solution (IDPS)*

Digital Pathology uses digital slide scanners to convert glass-slide images to Whole Slide Images (WSI) that can be viewed, interacted with and analyzed from a single viewer, and shared via the Internet.

INFINITT Digital Pathology Solution (IDPS) accesses slide images from multiple vendors’ scanners (Aperio, Ventana, 3DHISTECH, Hamamatsu, VisionTek, and more), and standardizes slides into DICOM format. Digitized slide images can then be stored in full quality and rapidly available to multiple users simultaneously. Integration with EMRs and laboratory information systems facilitates electronic workflows, remote consultation and tumor board review.


  • Simplifies access to current and historical images once they have been digitized
  • Enables image sharing for second opinion and multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Allows user to navigate slides in full-view or to compare multiple slides in one view, to mark regions of interest, and to annotate and save annotations
  • Supports remote reading through distributed workflow
  • Allows images to be analyzed by advanced digital tools and computational tools like artificial intelligence
  • Reduces time for exchanging data through image and screen sharing
  • Fast image searching & viewing from Pathology or VNA archive
  • Supports authentication and user management, enhancing security
  • Enables archiving of Whole Slide Image (WSI)/ original file(s) and DICOM file(s) with easy and secure data backup options
  • User configurable compression settings for efficient transfer and retention

INFINITT Digital Pathology Solution uses INFINITT Healthcare Platform (IHP) — a standards-based Enterprise Imaging platform that integrates data from multiple specialties– for enhanced interoperability and storage consolidation. IHP has the processing power to manage large pathology datasets at high speed, and includes Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), enabling you to manage the full range of medical information more efficiently.

As regulatory and validation issues become resolved and adoption/utilization of digital pathology grows, large amounts of digital tissue data will become available for use by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Deep-learning based image analysis algorithms (for detecting, scoring, tracking markers, etc.) will be utilized to improve the accuracy of pathology review and research, and to shorten overall diagnostic turnaround time.

*Pending FDA approval for primary diagnosis

Encounters Based Imaging Workflow (EBIW)

Dermatology, wound care, endoscopy and numerous other hospital departments take photos and videos without an order preceding it. These images and scanned documents do not contain DICOM header data for associating them with the appropriate patient, and for indexing them so they can be readily accessible when searched or queried through the EMR.

INFINITT overcomes the lack of an Order Message by creating an Encounter and pulling the Patient ID and demographics from the Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT) system. INFINITT’s Content Uploader is used to select content and upload it to INFINITT Healthcare Platform (IHP). When content is transferred to IHP and stored, IHP can send an image availability message to the EHR. Pictures / files can then be accessed on the Enterprise Viewer. All content is accessible by the department on the IHP QC for further review.

EMR Integration

INFINITT Accent is an advanced integration toolkit that enables any EMR or third-party system to launch the INFINITT PACS viewer. The deployment of this web-based technology enables users to easily view EKGs, as well as lab, oncology and other non-DICOM images with fast loading times. Completely secure and compliant with DICOM, HL7, IHE and HIPAA, this Citrix-compatible technology delivers a seamless, uniform user experience with most EMRs and has a significant impact on workflow efficiencies, enabling healthcare providers to gain access to the full range of archived images while qualifying for meaningful use incentives.

Enterprise Viewer

INFINITT Enterprise Viewer is a zero-footprint universal PACS viewer that provides instant access to images, reports and visualization tools from any desktop using almost any browser or operating system. It uses HTML5 technology embedded in the newest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. The intuitive user interface lets users become comfortable with the system in minutes, requiring little to no training.

Management & Monitoring

IHP includes an embedded system monitoring solution that monitors hardware, operating systems and services. It performs proactive monitoring of the archive, applications, databases, infrastructure and interfaces, alerting customers when warning thresholds are reached. IHP also interfaces with third-party system monitoring solutions.

Data Analytics

INFINITT’s Enterprise Search capability is designed to leverage the accumulation of data in radiological reports collected in PACS or your VNA over time. The goal is to support accurate diagnosis and efficient reading, and ultimately help in reducing costs.

Enterprise Search (ES) capability enables radiologists to:

  • Query for similar cases when reading to support the diagnostic process.
  • Narrow search parameters by filtering according to Ordering Physician, Report Creator, Patient Age, Patient Gender, Imaging Modality, etc.
  • Locate study data for research and teaching purposes.
  • Show supporting data as evidence of compliance with Clinical Decision Support requirements.
  • Save Search Results to a user folder, for ease of access later.
  • Easily export a selected portion or an entire search result to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Tags (site/private) can be searched using the advanced search option.
  • Access the PACS image study and the EMR/Pathology report data related to the result.
  • Launch from INFINITT PACS or ULite zero footprint viewer.

Image Sharing

Image Sharing with INFINITT software lets you automate the distribution of DICOM image files, reports and more based on configurable profiles and workflows. Our image sharing capability enables you to view, import, convert, burn to CD or DVD and store images. It also provides interoperability across your imaging enterprise, allowing radiology, cardiology, oncology, endoscopy, surgery and dermatology professionals to share and manage medical studies. All methods are DICOM and IHE conformant and HIPAA compliant with full tracking and audit trails for peace of mind.