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Dental Imaging

INFINITT’s image management solutions for the academic dental environment support 2D and 3D imaging and treatment techniques. With integrated viewing environments, unique reporting options and storage, our dental imaging solutions help transfer images and information across your dental enterprise quickly and seamlessly.

INFINITT Versity Dental Platform

INFINITT Versity Dental Platform is an enterprise imaging solution for the dental academic environment that brings together all data from imaging modalities and devices. It includes an enterprise data archive, 2D and 3D viewing, integration with electronic dental record (EDR) systems and other information systems and secure connections for sending images and data to remote facilities. It manages both DICOM and non-DICOM data and includes information lifecycle management (ILM) to automate purging and moving data according to site-specific routing rules. The system offers multiple options for creating reports, including dictation and transcription and speech recognition.


INFINITT Dental PACS is an on-site, web-based PACS that manages digital images and information across the dental enterprise. The system interfaces with a wide range of dental imaging software and EDRs (axiUm), creating an integrated viewing environment with advanced visualization and analysis tools. Our Dental PACS is also available as a cloud-based solution, ideal for remote reading and CBCT imaging and reporting.

Xelis Dental

Xelis Dental is an advanced 3D reconstruction software that can be used independently or seamlessly integrated with INFINITT Dental PACS. This software package offers precise measurements and anatomical information on all oral and maxillofacial structures.

Dental Smart NET in the Cloud

INFINITT Smart NET is an application service provider (ASP) hosted solution that allows customers to access all the features of an onsite Dental PACS while storing images and information remotely using cloud technology. By eliminating the costs of dedicated servers and archives, INFINITT Smart NET becomes an economical solution that minimizes IT support requirements.