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INFINITT PACS 7.0 is a faster, more powerful diagnostic viewer that was built from the ground up to support AI for image analysis and for operational/ workflow improvements in radiology. INFINITT PACS includes an AI-empowered Dynamic Worklist feature that uses an intelligent task engine to analyze your incoming tasks, identify high priority cases and push them to user worklists according to priority and reading status. It will sort tasks into customizable folders, accommodating your reading style while allowing you to monitor your reading status relative to SLA’s.

Embedded AI image analysis brings you to the most important area of the image as quickly as possible. It detects anomalies and regions of interest and applies your preferred viewing modes and image layouts. Thumbnail images displayed chronologically allow you to select relevant priors quickly, then drag and drop them on to the Virtual Monitor for further review. A notification feature provides alerts and reminders for scheduled events, incoming messages, and more.

You’ll notice the difference in fewer mouse clicks, faster accessing and processing speeds, and greater productivity.

Speech Recognition

INFINITT Results, our speech recognition module, enables a completely speech-driven interpretation process in which radiologists can complete reports by navigating the PACS system with speech commands. The module also offers superior flexibility, allowing radiologists to create and sign reports and dictate and defer to editors for correction. The system automatically translates the voice to text with a very high degree of accuracy and maintains a voice dictation file.

The system also allows for the creation of custom templates and macros. Templates load automatically with the study and can support any letterhead. Completed reports are immediately sent to be faxed, printed or transmitted via HL7 interface, based on the receiving physician’s preference.

Communication Tools

Our communication tools are optional, add-on modules for INFINITT PACS.

  • Critical Results provides an efficient and secure method for notification of critical results and findings to the referring physician. Critical Results automates notification with audit trails in conformance with ACR guidelines and enables radiology departments to monitor the delivery of critical results messaging. It provides a seamless way to flag a study while also automatically documenting to whom findings were transmitted and leaves messages to a specified location or clinician.
  • Peer Review provides a fully automated, regulatory-compliant solution that integrates seamlessly into day-to-day workflows. It enables the manual or automated assignment of studies for review; manually assigned studies appear on the PACS worklist as incomplete, and automatic assigning routes studies based on pre-defined rules. The system generates statistical data for discrepancy score and productivity and tracks the level of agreement or disagreement for reviewed studies at multiple levels. Scores can be calculated by modality, institution, department, reviewing radiologist, original radiologist and more. Reports can be printed or exported to CSV and XLS files.
  • Collaborator enables secure communications and minimizes security risks associated with electronic devices. It allows radiologists to contact caregivers via their preferred mode of communication, whether instant messaging, real-time chat or message board notification, to reduce workflow interruptions. It enables you to drag and drop studies into a message to review with a colleague and also includes audit and documentation capabilities.

Multimodality Image Fusion

Xelis™ Fusion allows the user to fuse multi-modality studies, visualize 3D-fused images and perform quantitative analysis with speed and accuracy. It includes integrated, freely-rotating MPR functions, calculates PET Standard Uptake Values (SUVs) and stores/sends images in DICOM 3.0 format. Xelis™ Fusion offers both manual and automatic registration methods.


  • Supports any combination of PET, SPECT, CT or MR images.
  • Provides quantitative analysis tools and rapid image navigation.
  • Supports 3D region of interest (ROI) SUV analysis.
  • Provides user-configurable layouts for comparing current and prior studies.
  • Compare current with prior study maximum SUV change.
  • Multiple user-defined color maps.
  • Slide bar controls for AC brightness and background intensity.
  • Save PET/CT back to PACS - MPR captured, single screen or entire image set.

Radiation Dose Management

DoseM is our radiation dose management tracking and analytics system. It captures, analyzes and archives radiation dose data from multiple modalities and enables you to track cumulative patient dose over time to increase patient safety and prevent excessive radiation exposure. DoseM provides tools to assess performance, support protocol review and compare your data to similar facilities regionally and nationwide through direct integration to the ACR Dose Index Registry.

DoseM Features:

  • Systematically manages effective dose and accumulative dose for each modality
  • Monitors the number of exams and calculates cumulative dose for the patient, by modality and by body part
  • Enables the user to optimize the balance between dose quantity and image quality according to Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRLs)
  • Sends the dose information to your PM/HIS/EMR system and stores dose as part of the patient record
  • Provides alerts by email, SMS and message through INFINITT Communicator when case exceeds DRL or patient cumulative dose over the last year exceeds threshold
  • Manages Nuclear Medicine data such as Isotope information, half-life, Injection Volume
  • Supports statistical analysis of dose by patient, by exam type, by device and by operator
  • Submits CT dose values to the ACR National Dose Industry Registry (DIR)
  • Tracks contrast medium information and provides pressure and flow graphs when interfacing with an injector

Exam Quality Reporting System (EQRS)

INFINITT now offers an optional QA module for use with INFINITT PACS called Exam Quality Reporting System (EQRS). This functionality will be useful to radiologists or supervisors who want to track and improve imaging technologists’ performance.

EQRS supports multiple modalities, making it easy to gather performance data, identify problem areas and track performance improvement.

  • Exam quality surveys can be developed based on your organization’s criteria and can be accessed by radiologists and supervisors from a Performance Tracking worklist
  • Radiologists or supervisors can rate technologist performance for a specified exam using a color-coded five level rating system
  • Only approved levels can view, add or edit surveys: new database tables store survey questions, surveys, and study survey results.

Unified Worklist

Unified Worklist is designed for radiologists and teleradiology groups who read for multiple sites with PACS from different vendors and for hospital and imaging center delivery networks that share ownership of disparate PACS. Unified Worklist consolidates worklists and image viewing and reporting to provide a unified system with a single user interface, single sign-on and toolset and a single dictation solution.


Artificial Intelligence Solution for Mammography

Developed using Lunit’s deep learning technology, Lunit INSIGHT MMG detects breast cancer on mammograms with 96% accuracy. Lunit MMG provides location information of detected breast cancer in the form of heatmaps and contours, provides an abnormality score for each breast, and assists radiologists in diagnosing cancer in the early stages when it can be treated more successfully. One of the many benefits highlighted by Lunit MMG is the improved diagnostic accuracy for dense breasts.


Lunit INSIGHT CXR Triage

Artificial Intelligence Solution for Chest X-ray Triage

A radiological computer-assisted triage and notification software that analyzes adult chest X-ray images for the presence of pre-specified suspected critical findings (pleural effusion and pneumothorax). High accuracy rates, seamlessly integrated with reading workflow, instant results.