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INFINITT RIS is driven from the same powerful database as INFINITT PACS, eliminating interfaces between systems and simplifying integration with EMRs and third- party billing systems. New features in INFINITT RIS are designed to eliminate time-consuming tasks in your radiology department or imaging center workflow.

Optional modules include MQRS-compliant Mammography Tracking; Copayment Information Module and Insurance Eligibility Verification; Electronic Forms that can be filled out on a tablet or through the Patient Portal; MACRA/ MIPS support; a consolidated Incoming Orders Worklist that allows you to monitor incoming requests/orders from various sources and transmission modes; Decision Support, including ready access to ACR Appropriateness Criteria; Patient Reminders; and a Business Analytics package designed for practice managers and radiology administrators, to provide quick and easy access to key performance data.

Mammo Tracking

INFINITT Mammo Tracking is an MQSA-compliant module of INFINITT RIS that enables the collection of a patient’s mammography history. The module includes results reporting, BI-RADS and reminder letter management and automated MQSA reporting.


The Medicare Accessibility and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) signed into law in 2015, introduced several changes to the current physician reimbursement framework. The intent was to incentivize value and quality of care, replacing the fee-for-service payment model. For customers who choose to participate in the MIPS track of the Quality Payment Program, INFINITT can support all measures that apply to radiology, allowing you to choose which measures you will comply with. Example measures include eliminating the use of BI-RAD 3, dictating follow-up recommendations for incidental findings and dictating specific details of radiation dose.

Clinical Decision Support

INFINITT’s Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tool provides evidence-based guidance in real-time to improve diagnostic accuracy and clinical outcomes. It includes ACR Appropriateness Criteria which helps the clinician determine medical necessity for an exam.

  • Asks logical questions to clarify scenario; never more than two steps.
  • Provides evidence-based recommendations with advice text that are easy to understand
  • Enables users to access appropriate use criteria and clinical guidelines from multiple sources simultaneously.
  • Helps align your practice with value-based care initiatives and satisfy CMS mandate for using CDS

Patient Portal

INFINITT’s Patient Portal helps providers meet several patient and family engagement requirements of Meaningful Use Stage 2, including timely access to clinical summaries, educational resources, secure electronic messaging, health information and reminders for preventive care and follow-up. Our Patient Portal lets patients access their images and reports easily and request corrections to their data, complete registration forms online, view upcoming appointments and request appointments and communicate electronically with staff. The Portal also allows patients to download and transmit health information, giving them a more active role in their own healthcare. Physician practices also benefit by spending less time responding to emails and callbacks and gaining the ability to easily download or transmit their meaningful use information, such as vitals and demographics.

Physician Portal

INFINITT’s Physician Portal allows referring physicians to request patient orders through the web and provides easy access to statuses, images and reports associated with their patients’ exams. In the portal, completed studies can be searched by patient name, patient ID, study date range and modality and can also be filtered by status.

Electronic Forms

Electronic Forms (E-Forms) is an embedded feature of the INFINITT RIS that can be activated upon request. It enables your practice to use electronic forms and tablets for handling patient documentation and submission of information to your front desk.

E-forms highlights:

  • Able to run on iOS or Android devices
  • Forms are intelligently linked to the patient type and type of procedure they are coming in for
  • Forms are accessible on the patient portal upon scheduling and/ or the tablets at the front desk upon presenting
  • Absolutely no paper needed- forms are completed electronically, signed, and automatically linked as documents in the patient’s chart

This is a time-saving, convenient feature that also allows you to project a technologically advanced image.

INFINITT Physician Connect (IPC)

INFINITT Physician Connect (IPC) is a simple link that allows any physician using any EMR to submit orders/scripts to your practice electronically, and to receive patient results/images via their EMR, without costly interfaces. What’s more, notifications/alerts are sent and received the moment reports are ready, eliminating unnecessary delays. IPC uses SmartLink to move the data from source to destination. SmartLink is a solution that simplifies interfaces and allows EMRs & EHRs to integrate directly with INFINITT’s RIS.

  • Reduces inter-office phone calls
  • Sends alerts by text, reducing unnecessary delays
  • Reduces document scanning and faxing
  • Encrypted and fully HIPAA compliant
  • Improves MACRA/MIPS compliance

Insurance Eligibility Verification

INFINITT offers a fully-integrated and easy-to-use Insurance Eligibility Verification feature that lets you verify the patient’s insurance eligibility. Now, when registering, scheduling, or simply viewing a patient record- you can click a single button that will return all of the patient’s eligibility information: validity, termination date, out of pocket limits, in/out network benefits, deductible information, referral requirements and more.


INFINITT Billing is an automated medical billing solution powered by industry-leading Imagine Billing™* and fully integrated with INFINITT RIS. This solution streamlines billing and collections workflow, improves cash flow and provides real-time productivity monitoring while scaling to accommodate small to multi-practice, multi-specialty requirements.

Integrated features include:

  • Automated data entry, automated workflows
  • Claims processing and denial mitigation to reduce days in A/R
  • Creates dashboards with your practice performance metrics
  • Enables auto-coding with ICD-10 capabilities
  • Offers multiple electronic remittance options
  • Copay Management
  • Flex reporting, and more

* Imagine Billing is owned by Technology Partners, LLC

Business Analytics

INFINITT’s radiology analytics report writer is designed for practice managers and radiology department administrators to provide quick and easy access to key performance data. It enables you to make decisions based on hard data, not guesswork.

  • Provides accurate, customizable, daily statistics and dashboards built from your RIS/PACS data.
  • Includes productivity, turn-around-time, scheduling, referral, modality breakdown and Clinical Quality Measurement dashboards.
  • Displays data in your preferred format — charts, tables or graphs– and can even be viewed on your mobile phone.
  • Saves time, gives peace of mind and confidence in business decisions, e.g., radiologist staffing based on study mix and workload.

Lung Screening

Lung Screening is an optional add-on module to INFINITT RIS that empowers providers to implement successful lung screening programs in accordance with best practice guidelines. It is an integrated workflow reporting and tracking solution that follows the recommendations of the American College of Radiology (ACR), providing the tools you need to attain accreditation as an ACR-Designated Lung Cancer Screening Center. In addition, the ACR offers customizable tools to help you promote your facility to patients and referring physicians.