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Ophthalmology Solutions

At the heart of our innovation is the state-of-the-art HTML5 viewer, boasting a browser neutral, zero download and zero footprint server-side rendered experience. This cutting-edge solution has been meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of ophthalmology department professionals, including both physicians and photographers.

INFINITT Ophthalmology PACS

Our intuitive worklist management interface effortlessly categorizes exams, streamlining the entire workflow of any medical facility with seamless access to historical data and comprehensive reports. The viewer itself is a marvel of optimization, equipped with an arsenal of tools and customizable layouts/hanging protocols dedicated to a diverse array of ophthalmic imaging modalities such as OCT, Fundus, Visual Fields, FA, Anterior Segment, Slit Lamp, External Photographs, B SCANS, and more.

Enhancing user efficiency, our viewer incorporates an integrated reporting module that embraces user-defined templates and macros, dramatically simplifying the reporting process. The INFINITT solution is engineered to integrate seamlessly with various EMR systems, offering an order-driven workflow, sophisticated reports interface, and the ability to activate images within the EMR through a simple URL call to our web-based viewer, directly from the patient’s chart. Prepare to elevate your ophthalmology department with INFINITT’s revolutionary PACS solution.

User Defined OD/OS/OU layouts

Images automatically display  and layout OD / OS / OU based on the individual user’s preference.

Smart FA Display

FA images automatically display OD / OS / OU based on the individual user’s preference.  The images automatically sort in order based on time since injection and display the time since injection superimposed over the image.

Optimal OCT Navigation

OCTs load with priors automatically (if priors are available), otherwise will load optimized to navigate today’s exam.  Scrolling current and prior exams in sync is automated, as well as switching between OD and OS for all studies at once.

Visual History and Easy Access to Priors

All priors are available running horizontally across the top of your display.  Simply hover over a prior exam to view the report, or click a prior to load into the viewer in a a comparison view.  The filter tool allows you easy ability to filter out irrelevant prior exams, or have quick/easy access to all types of priors on the fly.

Ophthalmology Reporting

Create reports within the INFINITT solution while you review your images.  Within the report window, to create a new report, you can easily copy in old reports, use your macros/templates to begin the report, use structured elements (dropdown / combo boxes) within the report editor, and then mark prelim and/or sign.  Resident and tech/photographer report workflow is also supported.