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INFINITT North America (INFINITT) is an award-winning provider of imaging IT solutions that empower healthcare providers in the delivery of value-based care. We combine our scalable enterprise imaging platform with advanced and interoperable technology and outstanding service to enable clinical best outcomes.

Founded in 1997, we are a wholly-owned subsidiary of INFINITT Healthcare, a global healthcare information technology company with world-class research and development capabilities and robust sub-specialty and multi-facility solutions. Our global company has completed more than 6,500 installations in 55 countries and we continue to grow.


To empower healthcare providers in the delivery of value-based care by providing high value imaging IT products and services.

What Makes Us Different

Scalable enterprise imaging platform for improved patient care

INFINITT is a global provider of imaging IT products and services that empower healthcare providers in the delivery of value-based care. Our RIS/PACS, Cardiology Suite, Dental PACS and other clinical applications feature a consistent, intuitive interface and superior integration to make images and data readily accessible. By consolidating this information on a single platform, we help optimize the quality, cost-effectiveness, safety and timeliness of patient care.

Advanced technology and interoperability for reduced complexity

For community and large hospitals seeking an enterprise imaging solution, INFINITT’s advanced vendor neutral archiving platform reduces management complexities and costs while our clinical applications easily integrate with all major EMRs. At INFINITT, our interoperable-first approach streamlines workflows and the availability of images and data. Beyond that, our cloud-based solutions let you outsource the imaging IT infrastructure to focus above all on patient care.

Service that stops at nothing to accommodate your needs

The advent of electronic health records has rapidly transformed the way hospitals and imaging centers deliver care. At INFINITT, we want to make your transition to a filmless and paperless environment as painless as possible. We combine all the tools you need with fast and reliable access to images and data, to make the medical imaging component of your healthcare service model the easiest and smoothest piece of your care coordination plan.

Global Network

INFINITT solutions and services are provided worldwide, either directly by INFINITT Global Business Units in the US, United Kingdom (UK), Brazil, Japan, China, Taiwan, Germany, Malaysia, the UAE and Korea, or through our global Sales Distribution network.

INFINITT North America

Toll free: 877-387-6960
Direct: 908-387-6960

Hillcrest Professional Plaza,
755 Memorial Pkwy, Ste 304,
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

Click here for more information on our international business units and distributors outside the United States.


In the 2019 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report for the United States, INFINITT PACS was ranked #1 Category Leader for the Community Hospital market, and #1 Category Leader for the Imaging Center/Ambulatory market. In fact, INFINITT PACS has been a category leader in the annual Best in KLAS reports 12 times in ten years.


KLAS ranks healthcare vendors and their solutions on customer satisfaction based on interviews with the healthcare providers who use them, so this recognition comes not only from KLAS itself, but from our expanding customer base. Our commitment to these healthcare professionals is unwavering as we strive to make the lives of radiologists and other clinicians easier by giving them all the tools they need in one solution. Beyond that, we also strive to reduce the burden on IT personnel by consolidating systems and reducing management complexity.

Research & Development

INFINITT is one of the few companies that offer cross-disciplinary/cross departmental image and information management solutions where all applications have all been developed in-house. Most companies acquire products that have been designed by different groups of developers on an assortment of technology platforms.

To INFINITT customers, this means we know our products inside and out, and have greater ability to respond to service and customization requests. Since there is consistency across product lines, integration is greatly simplified. In fact, most of our products require no internal interfaces because they are built on a common database.  In addition, INFINITT develops its own gateways, routers and migration tools.

INFINITT’s R & D strategy emphasizes compliance with global standards including DICOM, HL7, IHE, and HIPAA. Our technology has been verified in more than 6,200 clinics and hospitals worldwide. We are committed to healthcare imaging and IT and continuously strive to refine our products and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Technology Alliances

At INFINITT, we proudly partner with companies that provide best-of-breed solutions for specialized needs, enabling us to consistently build upon and enhance our comprehensive, fully-integrated product offering.


“I am an extremely busy radiologist, and I have dealt with many different PACS. When we purchased INFINITT PACS, I liked everything about it and never had buyer’s remorse. I couldn’t be happier with my decision several years later. I wouldn’t be able to get through my day if I were using another PACS. The system is amazing. I don’t have to close my case to be able to open another case. The system is unbelievably easy. We have a lot of surgeons who do tons of surgeries and send their work to us, and all of them have INFINITT PACS and love it.”

– Physician

”We are a physician owned and managed teleradiology practice. After extensive research, recently we changed to INFINITT PACS. We are most satisfied. The sales team provided demonstrations to my team in actual use of the system. All of our questions were answered in detail and all of our concerns were addressed prior to our decision to proceed with INFINITT PACS. Implementation for our clients and our staff was detailed and smooth. Radiologist training in using the system was extensive and thorough. After implementation, all of our requests for support were prompt and complete. Our workflow efficiency has improved greatly due to the features of this system. Image presentation is customizable and rapid with advanced tools. Access to patient data, prior comparative studies and prior reports is user friendly and immediate. We are able to provide immediate reporting to clients by their preferred method. INFINITT PACS is user friendly for our staff, our clients and for our radiologists. All of the features of INFINITT PACS allows us to provide the best possible service to those who matter most: the patients. We look forward to using INFINITT PACS to maintain and expand our teleradiology practice for many years to come.'”

– Mark Preston, M.D., J.D. | Founder and CEO | Paragon Radiology, LLC

“INFINITT PACS is used for cardiology and radiology. Our physicians could not be happier. The PACS has many tools that enable the system to do multiple-department diagnoses of images. INFINITT Cardiology Suite is fully integrated with the PACS for imaging and transcription and enables us to read and diagnose remotely. The system is very easy to maintain internally, but if we have an issue that cannot be resolved internally, INFINITT is very quick to respond and resolve the issue.”
– Manager/Analyst

“I feel that INFINITT PACS is probably the best PACS in the marketplace today. INFINITT continues to keep in touch with us. We talk with them on a regular basis, and they ask us what enhancements we would like. We have no other vendor that does that. If our physicians need the system to be tweaked, then INFINITT is typically very eager to make the necessary changes for us. We always have the most current software upgrade. INFINITT is a superb company to work with, and we are able to communicate with them from both the bottom up and the top down. I wish I could say that for our other vendors.”
– Director/Physician

“INFINITT was right on when it came to the implementation process, and they executed it very well. We had really good training and felt like everything was given to us in bite-sized chunks. Overall, we had a smooth transition, and INFINITT PACS has been a great experience.”
– Director

“The doctors love how quickly they can retrieve prior studies. It is instantaneous. Also, the INFINITT PACS was the system with the lowest cost of any we looked at. There are probably systems with more bells and whistles, but I doubt they could outperform the basic functions of the INFINITT PACS. Speed, simplicity, and service are what counts. The service is excellent, too.”
– Director of Imaging Services

“We use a different PACS at one of our other facilities, and the difference between that PACS and INFINITT PACS is night and day. We have so much flexibility with INFINITT PACS, and it is the easiest product to integrate across facilities. Our physicians who use the other PACS are now crying for this one. That is great.”
– Director/Physician

“INFINITT has a great imaging solution for both PACS and cardiology. We went with the cardiology solution because of our experience with the PACS. The system is on one platform, and it is completely solid. We just do not get any downtime.”
– Director/Physician

“I read for multiple sites through INFINITT PACS, and the integration is very simple. When it comes to INFINITT’s response times when there are service issues, they are head and shoulders above the other PACS vendors whose products I read through. INFINITT resolves issues within hours where other vendors take weeks. For my practice, INFINITT PACS is perfect, and I wouldn’t go with anything else.”
– Physician

“INFINITT has a fantastic team up and down the ladder. The product exceeds all of our expectations, and we look forward to it being our flagship solution for a long time.”
– Director/Physician