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Breast Imaging Solutions

Discover our comprehensive mammography viewing solutions for full-field
digital mammography, breast MRI, ultrasound, and other critical images.


INFINITT Mammo PACS provides fast image loading and customizable viewing tools for full-field digital mammography, breast MRI, ultrasound, and other digital images on a single workstation. It allows for individual or group presets and features a protocol loop sequence for tailored viewing—while Digital Breast Tomosynthesis delivers three-dimensional images for more accurate screening or diagnoses. Mammo Tracking MQSA can seamlessly integrate with easy activation as an add-on module.

  • Supports images from any modality
  • Integrates with Tomosynthesis manufacturers
  • Stores original data without compression
  • Automatically aligns current exam with priors
  • Accelerates image loading for volume reading and remote viewing
  • Improves abnormality detection with 2D CAD overlays
  • Enhances DBT exam viewing via scroll wheel and cine mode
  • Saves annotations and key images
  • Securely integrates with third-party archives


Lunit INSIGHT MMG detects breast cancer on mammograms with 96% accuracy and has improved the diagnostic accuracy for dense breasts. It delivers location information via heatmaps and contours and provides an abnormality score for each breast. Using Artificial Intelligence, Lunit INSIGHT MMG assists radiologists in diagnosing cancer in the early stages for more successful treatment.