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See how our state-of-the-art cardiology suite
centralizes all cardiovascular data into one solution.

INFINITT Cardiology Suite

INFINITT Cardiology Suite is a web-based PACS and structured reporting system for cardiovascular imaging, EKG management, and nuclear medicine. It can be used as a stand-alone system, or it can be fully integrated with INFINITT PACS and your EHR. It provides comprehensive measurements and calculations for echocardiography, non-invasive vascular, EKG, nuclear medicine, and cardiac catheterization images. Report templates are customizable and compatible with Dragon Dictation to drive the structured data if desired.

  • Sophisticated structured report creation with auto-population of key fields
  • View studies anywhere and anytime through the web
  • Combines stress EKG and nuclear medicine reports into one template
  • Standardizes report templates for cardiology and vascular procedures
  • Collects data, simplifying submission to STS and state registries
  • Simplifies submission of required data for ICAVL, ICAEL, and ICANL accreditations


INFINITT Cardiology Viewer offers specialized functionality for echocardiography, increases productivity and hospital revenue, and improves workflows and quality of care. Statistical tools simplify the submission of data required for accreditation and re-accreditation.

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Cath Lab

INFINITT Cardiology Suite offers image management, analysis tools, and efficient data collection and submission to the NCDR CathPCI® Registry. It also supports the mapping of data from hemodynamic systems to appropriate fields in just one click.

EKG Management

INFINITT EKG Management System offers advanced viewing functionality, analysis tools, and reporting. It provides the convenience of remote viewing and approval, while physician electronic signatures and the auto-distribution of results speeds up billing and reimbursement.

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Nuclear Medicine

INFINITT Cardiology Suite offers highly configurable nuclear cardiac review and reporting capabilities that enable physicians to quantify, review, and report SPECT, PET, Hybrid-CT, and myocardial blood flow and reserve studies. Both INVIA 4DM and Cedars-Sinai nuclear post-processing are compatible with and supported on the INFINITT platform. These accurate and reproducible applications assist physicians with their assessment of a patient’s cardiac health, all within INFINITT’s cardiology viewer. Results, files, and reports are archived to INFINITT Cardiology Suite for convenient retrieval.

Nuclear cardiac review software includes reconstruction, perfusion, function, viability, flow, inflammation, calcium, CFR, and quantitative data that can be interfaced to the INFINITT reports. Beyond that, all product specialists are certified nuclear medicine technologists with clinical experience.

Non-Invasive Vascular

INFINITT Cardiology Suite offers specialized functionality for the non-invasive vascular lab, collecting and managing data electronically to increase productivity and hospital revenues while improving workflow and quality of care. It also offers options to compare non-invasive vascular findings with invasive cath studies.

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Holter & Other Event Monitoring

INFINITT Cardiology Suite offers viewing, post-processing, and documentation/reporting of Holter monitoring procedures, including detailed data for procedure monitoring summary, heart rate data/variability, QT, Pacer and ST analysis, ventricular/supraventricular ectopy, atrial fibrillation summary, and diary notes. Viewing, post-processing, and documentation/reporting functionalities are also available for event monitoring procedures.

3D Cardiac Vessel Analysis

Xelis™ Cardiac provides easy and powerful 2D and 3D display and analysis tools for evaluating coronary CT angiography. It delivers extensive volumetric studies with comprehensive image analysis, soft plaque analysis, and measurement tools for effective and accurate diagnoses and convenient surgical planning.