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Cloud Solutions

Learn about our cloud solutions for maintenance, updates,
security concerns, IT-related tasks, and data storage.

Our Options

INFINITT offers a wide range of cloud options that can align with any healthcare system’s journey toward adopting cloud-based IT services. We can provide cloud services for a complete enterprise imaging SaaS solution, including our award-winning radiology, cardiology, digital pathology, and dental PACS and enterprise viewers. INFINITT customers have the option of starting slowly by implementing our cloud option for long-term storage and disaster recovery only.

We can support any cloud implementation strategy!

Public-Cloud Services

Because INFINITT prides itself on being able to work with any outside vendors, this philosophy carries over to our cloud offering. We work closely with all three of the major public cloud vendors: Google, Amazon (AWS), and Microsoft Azures.

If you already have a relationship with one of these providers, we are happy to accommodate your preferences.

Private Cloud Services

Depending on the use case, INFINTT can offer private cloud services. In this case, images and data are stored on INFINITT hardware in ultra-secure, SOC2-compliant data centers in geographically diverse locations across the country.

Hybrid Solution

INFINITT’s hybrid solution can be deployed with on-premises infrastructure to maintain high performance for recent studies while sending older studies to cloud storage. A caching server can be added for prefetching relevant priors, especially for large studies like Mammography, which take longer to download.

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INFINITT’s cloud options provide better protection from cybercrime than most hospitals can provide with on-premises archiving, greater efficiencies for Teleradiology, and multi-location image routing and automated image routing to subspecialties.

  • Allows you to use the full scope of our award-winning PACS technology
  • Faster deployment than on-premises systems
  • Limited need for IT infrastructure and hardware setup and operating staff
  • INFINITT engineers provide regular system check-ups, data backups, and system updates
  • Encryption and intrusion prevention system prevents data loss and minimizes the security risk
  • Shifts infrastructure costs from a capital expense to an operational expense
  • Keeps imaging costs in line with procedure volumes and revenues
  • Saves you from space and energy costs for power and cooling of hardware devices

The cloud is particularly well-suited for hospitals and imaging centers with limited IT resources or who want to reduce the costs and complexity of on-premises infrastructure. Migrating data to the cloud presents many business and financial benefits and allows for more scalability and agility.