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INFINITT Expands into Canada!

INFINITT North America is thrilled to announce its strategic expansion in the Canadian medical imaging market. As a wholly owned subsidiary of INFINITT Healthcare, a powerhouse in the global healthcare information technology domain, the company boasts world-class research and development capabilities, and an extensive portfolio of robust sub-specialty solutions.

With a legacy dating back to 1997, INFINITT North America prides itself on its in-house research and development that crafts multi-facility solutions spanning across radiology, cardiology, digital pathology, ophthalmology, dental, oncology, and more. The company’s deep understanding of its product range enables customization at a facility level to enhance workflow efficiency, promising top-flight service delivery.

Introduction to Dave Smarro and Jay Marteniuk

Dave Smarro , INFINITT’s President and CEO of North America is pleased to announce the appointment of Jay Marteniuk as VP of Sales for Canada.

Residing in Kitchener, Ontario, Jay arrives having held significant positions at Bureau Veritas and Thermo Fisher Scientific. During his ten-year tenure at Thermo Fisher Scientific, he spearheaded Canadian teams, leveraging his expertise to fuel robust growth in the Canadian Life Sciences and Healthcare sectors.

Jay looks forward to working with customers across the Country, as medical imaging is a critical component to the Canadian healthcare system. Jay comments “expanding INFINITT’s technologies into Canada is incredibly exciting. There is a wonderful opportunity to facilitate improved patient care, enabling faster diagnoses and subsequently, quicker treatment initiation”.

In 2016, INFINITT North America’s first successful Dental PACS deployment was at the University of Western Ontario (Schulich School of Dentistry).  The team is poised to seize many forthcoming opportunities, aiming to broaden their footprint across the Country in 2024 and beyond.

INFINITT has many Health Canada licenses. Please contact us for more information.

Unparalleled Support and On-Site Training

Experience unparalleled technical support and training from our expert service engineering team, available 24/7 to cater to your every need! With INFINITT North America’s cutting-edge remote monitoring, you can enjoy proactive supervision of your mission-critical systems, giving you true peace of mind. To further enhance your knowledge and skills, we offer a diverse range of on-site and off-site training sessions, as well as easily accessible online literature and tutorials for continuous learning. Embrace the future with confidence, knowing that INFINITT has got your back!

The Cloud(s) in Canada

Cloud-based storage for radiology Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) plays a crucial role in the Canadian healthcare landscape. In a vast country like Canada, with its diverse geographical and demographic profiles, cloud based PACS solutions allow medical professionals to access, share, and collaborate on critical patient imaging data from remote locations. This mitigates potential delays in diagnosis and treatment due to distance and limited regional resources. Moreover, with Canada’s strong commitment to patient privacy protection, cloud based PACS can help ensure secure storage of patient data on compliant platforms that adhere to stringent security regulations. Additionally, cloud-based storage enables scalability and cost-efficiency for radiology centers across the nation, allowing resources to be allocated flexibly as demand increases or decreases. Ultimately, cloud-based storage for radiology PACS in Canada is instrumental in enhancing diagnostic accuracy, improving patient care, and optimizing resource management within the healthcare system.

Did you know INFINITT is considered one of the industry’s pioneers of Cloud-based PACS?

INFINITT offers a wide range of cloud options that can align with any healthcare system’s journey toward adopting cloud-based IT services. We can provide cloud services for a complete enterprise imaging SaaS solution, including our award-winning radiology, cardiology, digital pathology, and dental PACS and enterprise viewers – including public, private and hybrid services, and our latest “cloud appliance” plug and play device.