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INFINITT takes pride in its exceptional service. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are determined on a customer-by-customer basis, and typically include software maintenance, new software releases and enhancements, automated monitoring of system infrastructure, troubleshooting and prevention.  Data Migration and Disaster Recovery services are optional and can be included in your agreement depending upon your requirements.

Remote Monitoring

INFINITT’s remote monitoring service allows us to monitor your system’s performance remotely and in real time. It provides a comprehensive picture of your system status by scanning log files, analyzing configurations and running commands and queries. INFINITT can also program the service to actively fix, patch and update applications. All activities are tracked and documented.

  • Highly advanced dashboard monitoring application
  • Automatically diagnoses issues and collects data to minimize resolution time
  • Improves your system availability and minimizes any performance disruption
  • Significantly reduces your support costs

Data Migration

INFINITT provides fast and accurate PACS data migration services for transferring diagnostic images and related patient and report data between archives. We have developed our own migration tools that can be adapted to different hospital environments.

  • Fast and reliable migration methods and support tools
  • Verification and validation of migrated data
  • Matching of database information with image information
  • Configurable pre-fetch rules for various hospital environments
  • Data cleanup

Disaster Recovery

INFINITT’s cloud-based data recovery and data backup service offers the easiest method to replicate your data remotely and to restore the database and/or image repository in the rare case of a disaster or loss of data. Our fully scalable services meet the most stringent compliance standards for security including HIPAA/Omnibus, SSAE16 and the HITECH Act while being cost-effective due to the absence of added hardware expenses.

  • Easiest way to manage your data backup or remote DR
  • No manual intervention required
  • Secure real-time data transfer
  • No hardware obsolescence or service contract required
  • No limit to the amount of data that can be stored

Consulting & Technical Services

INFINITT takes pride in its exceptional service. From contract signing and pre-implementation planning through system ‘Go-live’ and post-implementation support, INFINITT works closely with your staff to tailor the system to your site and workflow requirements.

INFINITT has the most flexible HL7 Gateway in the industry, enabling our system to interface with any vendor’s HL7-compliant RIS, HIS, Practice Management, billing system or EMR.

User and Administrator training are provided either onsite or at INFINITT headquarters in Phillipsburg, NJ.

Service Agreements are determined on a customer-by-customer basis, and typically include:

  • Software Maintenance, new software releases and enhancements.
  • Automated Monitoring of System Infrastructure.
  • Troubleshooting & Prevention.
  • Remote Troubleshooting accessed through Customer Service.

INFINITT’s standard service hours are M-F, 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM Eastern Time. After hours, a live person will answer your call and route your request to the appropriate on-call technician.

Financing Options

INFINITT offers multiple financial models for acquiring PACS and other advanced technologies, including capital purchase, lease and two flexible, fee-per-study options tailored to the customer’s requirements. We offer a turnkey hardware and software package, a software only option, a leasing option and an ASP hosted solution called INFINITT Smart NET.

INFINITT North America is known for our flexibility and willingness to customize our technology and integration services to meet the customer’s needs. This flexibility and customization philosophy extends to the financing of that technology as well. Feel free to challenge us to find a financial option that works for you.


  • INFINITT EIMS provides the very latest image ؏ information management technology while reducing the need for local support — it is ideal for the imaging service that is short on IT resources.
  • Includes equipment and technology management and upgrades, eliminating concerns about technology obsolescence.