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INFINITT Cardiology Suite, a web-based PACS and reporting system for cardiology and vascular imaging, EKG and nuclear medicine, integrates all your cardiovascular data into one solution.

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INFINITT Digital Pathology Solution (IDPS) enables quantitative image analysis and remote reading for secondary consult and multi-disciplinary review. Facilitates collaboration, research, and the application of AI.

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INFINITT RT PACS, a dedicated Radiotherapy Treatment image and data management solution, is optimized to streamline workflow for oncologists, physicists, dosimetrists, therapists, and nurses.

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“We use a different PACS at another facility, and the difference between that PACS and INFINITT PACS is night and day! We have so much flexibility with INFINITT PACS, and it’s the easiest product to integrate across facilities. Physicians who use the other PACS are now crying for this one!”

George Jackson | Operations Manager, Fader Hospital

“I am an extremely busy radiologist, and I have dealt with many different PACS. When we purchased INFINITT PACS, I liked everything about it and never had buyer’s remorse. I couldn’t be happier with my decision several years later. I wouldn’t be able to get through my day if I were using another PACS. The system is amazing. I don’t have to close my case to be able to open another case. The system is unbelievably easy. We have a lot of surgeons who do tons of surgeries and send their work to us, and all of them have INFINITT PACS and love it.”

– Physician

“INFINITT PACS is used for cardiology and radiology. Our physicians could not be happier. The PACS has many tools that enable the system to do multiple-department diagnoses of images. INFINITT Cardiology Suite is fully integrated with the PACS for imaging and transcription and enables us to read and diagnose remotely. The system is very easy to maintain internally, but if we have an issue that cannot be resolved internally, INFINITT is very quick to respond and resolve the issue.”

– Manager/Analyst

“I feel that INFINITT PACS is probably the best PACS in the marketplace today. INFINITT continues to keep in touch with us. We talk with them on a regular basis, and they ask us what enhancements we would like. We have no other vendor that does that. If our physicians need the system to be tweaked, then INFINITT is typically very eager to make the necessary changes for us. We always have the most current software upgrade. INFINITT is a superb company to work with, and we are able to communicate with them from both the bottom up and the top down. I wish I could say that for our other vendors.”

– Director/Physician