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INFINITT Dental PACS is an onsite, web-based PACS that that manages digital images and information across the dental enterprise. The system interfaces with a wide range of dental imaging software and EDRs (axiUm), creating an integrated viewing environment with advanced visualization and analysis tools.

Also available as a cloud-based solution—perfect for remote reading and CBCT imaging and reporting.

Dental PACS


    • Retains full image resolution and quality seen on image acquisition devices
    • Integrates with all major dental devices, including CBCT
    • Offers multiple levels of security and access control, optimized for the academic environment
    • Customizable tools for different user levels and individual users
    • Stores image data and retakes for review and QA reporting
    • Multiple academic reports available 
    • Exceptional support and uptime
    • Mobile access to reports and image data (optional)
    • Embedded digital dictation, document scanning, CD/DVD burning and more. Speech Recognition available.