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INFINITT DoseM is a web-based dose data tracking and analytics system. DoseM captures, analyzes and archives radiation dose data from multiple modalities and enables you to track patients’ dose over time to increase patient safety and prevent excessive radiation exposure.

DoseM helps facilities balance dose versus image quality, and provides tools to assess performance, to support protocol review, and to compare your data to similar facilities regionally and nationwide. Also offering optional a CMS approved solution that enables full compliance with XR-29 Dose Check and Dose Report functions.

By Patient
By Study
By Modality
Dose Distribution


    • Supports multiple sources for diverse data acquisition support 
    • Collects data using the latest protocols and/or from legacy modalities as needed
    • Provides integrated statistical analysis by device for QA/QC
    • Provides analytical tools by patient, by modality and by examination
    • Automatically notifies appropriate staff by email alert when dose exceeds defined threshold value
    • Passes dose data to EMR, RIS, HIS or other information systems
    • Passes dose data to INFINITT Results speech recognition module’s report template for easy, consistent reporting
    • Provides direct integration to the ACR’s Dose Index Registry (DIR), eliminating manual data entry that is labor intensive and prone to human error. DIR benchmarks provide objective assessment of your facility’s performance and facilitates comparison with similar facilities.
    • Eligible professionals can use DoseM as a tool to meet CMS Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) requirements based on satisfactory participation in NRDR — a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR).
    • The NRDR registry protects patient, physician and institutional privacy. Patient data are anonymized, security standards are implemented for data transmission and storage, and only aggregated statistics are reported to protect facility privacy.