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INFINITT Acquires Business Analytics Company, RBI Medsolutions

Philipsburg, NJ – June 30, 2021 – INFINITT North America, a leading developer of Enterprise Imaging solutions for healthcare, announced today that they have completed the acquisition of RBI Medsolutions, a privately held healthcare data analytics and visualization company based in Utah.

RBI’s business analytics software, developed by a group of radiologists and business partners, addresses the day-to-day informational needs of imaging practices, imaging centers, and radiology departments. Pulling data from the customer’s RIS/PACS and billing applications, the analytics software allows management to use this critical information to increase productivity, reduce costs and make business decisions based on hard data instead of guesswork.

INFINITT has been working with RBI Medsolutions since 2016, when they formed a partnership allowing INFINITT to market and sell the business analytics package to its customers. Leveraging data from the INFINITT RIS and/or PACS, users can quickly create custom dashboards and reports that help them visualize trends, draw correlations, and monitor performance.

According to Dave Smarro, President and CEO of INFINITT North America, the company is pleased to offer the package now under the INFINITT name.

INFINITT Business Analytics enables users to:

  • Put your data to work for you. Filter data from multiple databases for charts, dashboards or reports.
  • Gain insight into service levels, turnaround times, and productivity of radiologists and technologists within the facility.
  • Identify anomalies in the data to enable process improvement.
  • Manage utilization of modalities/equipment and resources.
  • Customize your dashboards and reports for your facility’s exact needs.

The software is mobile-ready, allowing authorized users to access their data and dashboards easily and conveniently right from their mobile phones.