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INFINITT Adds another High-security, Mega-scale Data Center

Phillipsburg, NJ—February 1, 2017—INFINITT North America, an award-winning developer of enterprise imaging solutions for healthcare, announced today that they have added another mega-scale data center in the western US to meet increasing demand for scalable, cloud-based applications. Now enterprise, medium and small organizations can deploy top-notch image management solutions as hosted, cloud-based offerings, and find the peace of mind that can only be achieved with geographically diverse system and data redundancy.

For almost a decade, INFINITT North America has been offering their RIS, PACS, Cardiology PACS, Mammo PACS, and other applications in 3 packaging options: software only, software and hardware together, or cloud-based solutions. According to David Smarro, CEO of INFINITT North America, we are now seeing a shift where even large multi-site healthcare systems are choosing hosted, cloud-technology solutions.

“Our customers’ storage requirements for imaging data continue to increase, driven by factors such as an aging population and consolidation of radiology and cardiology images with digital pathology images and other ‘ologies’ across the healthcare enterprise,” said David Smarro, CEO of INFINITT North America.

“Subscribing to a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud solution for storing and sharing images and related data can help healthcare providers avoid heavy capital investments, while lowering IT management costs and increasing efficiency. INFINITT offers a flexible multi-tiered infrastructure with government grade security and control of image data.”

Features include:

  • A highly-scalable central plant with convenient in-building access to multiple service providers
  • Air cooled, water cooled and low temperature chillers and 100K gallons of chilled water storage.
  • Viewing from virtually any location with appropriate authorization. Network-based encryption promotes security and privacy.
  • Multi-layered physical and logical security, manned 24 x 7 x 365, with key card and two-factor biometric authentication.
  • High reliability utility sources, with 2 separate 138kV feeds and on-site redundant substation.
  • A dedicated multi-disciplined compliance team to support integrated compliance needs.
  • Diverse access and redundancy to all regional carriers and long-haul carrier POPs.
  • Sustainability and energy-saving initiatives, resource management and energy-star certified appliances

In addition, INFINITT’s cloud services can be deployed by INFINITT PACS customers as a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity option, with data stored in multiple, geographically diverse locations.

For more information, contact INFINITT at (877) 387-6960 or visit