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INFINITT North America Facilitates Cardiology Solution Collaboration Between Marlette Regional Hospital and Deckerville Community Hospital

Phillipsburg, NJ- August 30, 2023 – For over 70 years, Deckerville Community Hospital has been dedicated to serving its community and has held the distinction of being a certified Critical Access Hospital for the past 22 years. The hospital provides a variety of patient services such as laboratory work, inpatient care, medical imaging, and more. In the autumn of 2018, an official partnership began between Marlette Regional Hospital and Deckerville Community Hospital, which is overseen by United Healthcare Partners—a parent corporation. This alliance aims to accomplish three main objectives: reduce costs by minimizing duplicated services and leveraging market presence for better pricing; maintain and expand healthcare services; and retain local control over healthcare management.

Marlette employs INFINITT CPACS, a web based PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) and structured reporting system used for cardiovascular imaging, EKG management, and nuclear medicine. INFINITT Cardiology Suite can function as a standalone system or easily integrate with INFINITT PACS and an EHR (Electronic Health Record). It provides thorough measurements and computations for various types of cardiac-related images. The report templates are customizable, compatible with Dragon Dictation, and can be used to derive structured data if required. INFINITT North America is a leading enterprise imaging partner in the global medical sector. As a wholly owned subsidiary of INFINITT Healthcare, it boasts world-class (in-house) research, developmental capabilities, and versatile solutions for sub-specialties and multiple facilities.

It was discovered that INFINITT’s Radiology site at Deckerville would initiate echo exams which needed to be sent to Marlette for review by their cardiologists. Marlette already interprets cardiology exams using INFINITT CPACS. After discussing workflow requirements, INFINITT commenced the project without any additional triggers or sales – essentially becoming a mini alliance project.

The tasks involved adding information to templates, setting up connectivity and profiles, training staff, and assisting in workflow determination. Regular updates were provided along with separate calls to ensure a smooth transition for all parties. INFINITT acknowledges that effective partnerships and teamwork are crucial in maintaining an efficient continuum of care with minimal disruptions.

The INFINITT team has proven to be a phenomenal resource and support for our collaborative networking project. We reached out with a task, and they took the wheel and flawlessly guided us through the whole process.  I could not have asked for a smoother transaction,” said Jennifer Hoag, Diagnostic Imaging Supervisor at Deckerville Community Hospital.

INFINITT is all about seamless integrations and taking on the heavy lifting so that both the hospital and staff can focus on what matters, and that’s the health of their patients. Katrina Pandrea Moorehead, Director of Ancillary Services and Cardiopulmonary Manager at Marlette Regional Hospital adds, “Thanks to the exceptional team at INFINITT North America and Deckerville Community Hospital for working together collaboratively with Marlette Regional Hospital to bring Cardiac Echo images from Deckerville Hospital to Marlette Hospital’s CPACS for interpretation. The entire process was handled efficiently through emails and a few Teams meetings.  I could not have asked for a better group of people to work with.  The process was remarkably easy.”