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Thrilling Expansion Unveiled by Inspire Radiology and INFINITT!

Thrilling Expansion Unveiled by Inspire Radiology and INFINITT!

Teleradiology services paired with a high-quality radiology PACS can significantly improve the effectiveness of imaging centers by providing remote access and sharing of patient imaging studies. This technology benefits patients in outside areas, enhances diagnostic accuracy, and is essential for timely emergency care. It also facilitates obtaining second opinions from specialists. Integrating a PACS system effectively allows for secure and efficient management of imaging data, ensuring images are available when needed. By improving diagnostic capabilities through integration, training, and quality assurance monitoring, healthcare delivery becomes more efficient, reducing costs and enhancing patient care.

Inspire Radiology recently announced its dynamic partnership with our team at INFINITT North America to enhance diagnostic and interventional radiology services through state-of-the-art PACS solutions. This groundbreaking collaboration promises to usher in a new era of efficiency with improved workflows, superior patient care, and most importantly, the invaluable ability to consult remotely with specialized radiological experts—a particularly important benefit for patients located in distant regions. Leveraging INFINITT’s innovative real-time imaging and progressive cloud-based technologies, the partnership is dedicated to placing patient care at the forefront. With an eye on expansion and a commitment to tailored, integrated services, Inspire Radiology and INFINITT are set to revolutionize the world of radiology through persistent innovation.

Mark your calendars! The fruits of this partnership have already ripened into an impressive expansion in Inspire Radiology’s client portfolio, with anticipated kickoff dates for the following esteemed medical institutions:

  • Envita Interventional Radiology | Scottsdale, AZ | Launching May 2024
  • Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital | Macclenny, FL | Start date in July 2024
  • Artesian Valley Health System | Meade, KS | July 2024 debut
  • Minneola Hospital | Minneola, KS | Welcoming services July 2024
  • North Bend Medical Center | Coos Bay, OR | Launching August 2024
  • Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas | Pittsburg, KS | Begins August 2024
  • Gonzales Healthcare Systems | Gonzales, TX | Commences October 2024


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