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INFINITT North America is excited to share the news of its latest collaboration with Aiforia

Aiforia empowers pathologists and scientists in both preclinical and clinical laboratories by delivering robust, deep-learning artificial intelligence software designed to transform images into powerful revelations, informed decisions, and accurate diagnoses. Aiforia’s cloud-based solutions and services strive to push the boundaries of medical image analysis efficiency and accuracy across multiple fields, such as oncology, neuroscience, and beyond.

With aging populations and escalating prevalence of diseases like cancer, global healthcare systems face immense challenges. Cancer incidence is projected to surge by 47.4% between 2020 and 2040, while the global population aged 65 or older will likely rise from 9.3% in 2020 to approximately 16.0% in 2050. These factors intensify the demand on pathologists, a group of professionals already in short supply. At the same time, fewer medical doctors are specializing in pathology even as sample numbers continue to grow, resulting in a critical imbalance.

Dave Smarro, INFINITT CEO, acknowledges that now is the ideal moment for INA to forge alliances with AI firms so they can leverage cutting-edge technology to alleviate staffing shortages while simultaneously enhancing patient care standards. INFINITT, a renowned developer of enterprise imaging solutions worldwide, eagerly anticipates common go-to-market initiatives with Aiforia and incorporating Aiforia’s expertise into their INFINITT Digital Pathology Solution (IDPS).

IDPS represents a comprehensive digital pathology workflow along with reporting and archiving capabilities that are compatible with any scanner type. This “scanner agnostic” solution enables users to view, manipulate, share, and archive full-resolution digitized whole-slide images from various scanner vendors’, promoting seamless incorporation into existing digital pathology workflows. INA’s digital pathology solution played a crucial role in achieving the world’s first-ever HIMSS DIAM Stage 7 accreditation for a largely renowned medical campus.

Smarro also expressed enthusiasm regarding the prospect of Aiforia’s Clinical Suites integrating with INA’s solutions in diagnosing some of the world’s most common cancers, including prostate, breast, and lung. Working together, INA and Aiforia aim to support overburdened pathologists, update antiquated diagnostic tools, and ultimately diminish waiting periods for the patients who rely on their expertise.

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