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Inspire Radiology Selects INFINITT North America for PACS Solutions

A Collaborative Partnership for Innovation and Quality Patient Care

Inspire Radiology, a leading provider of on-site radiology and teleradiology services, has teamed up with INFINITT North America as their Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) solutions provider. Inspire Radiology, renowned for its team of board-certified, specialty-trained radiologists, is committed to offering top-tier diagnostic and interventional radiology solutions for hospitals, healthcare systems, imaging centers, and specialty providers.

Brandon Stroh, M.D., Founder and CEO of Inspire Radiology, stated, “By partnering with INFINITT, we ensure unparalleled flexibility and adaptability for our practice and healthcare partners. Their highly customizable PACS solution enhances operational workflow and enables seamless access to crucial patient information across our networks. This partnership underscores Inspire Radiology’s commitment to delivering high-quality patient care through innovative technology solutions.”

Teleradiology’s numerous advantages include improved access to specialized expertise. Remote interpretation of medical images by radiologists allows them to share findings with physicians and other healthcare providers in different locations. This means patients in rural or remote areas can receive specialized diagnostic services without extensive travel. Additionally, teleradiology facilitates collaboration and learning among radiologists while offering a platform for professional second opinions on digitized diagnostic scans, ultimately providing patients with the best care possible.

INFINITT’s in-house researched and developed PACS solutions aim to enhance collaboration with features like real-time image capture, transmission, and communication capabilities. Radiologists can navigate key image sections swiftly to direct attention to where it matters most.

“INFINITT’s interoperable-first approach streamlines workflow and accessibility of images and data. Our cloud-based solutions enable outsourcing imaging IT infrastructure so that patient care remains the prime focus,” said Dave Smarro, CEO of INFINITT.

As Inspire Radiology anticipates significant growth in the coming years, achieving both improved user experience and enhanced patient care is a major victory for the organization.

Both companies share a mission of providing customized solutions, seamless integration, timely and accurate reporting, and fostering a collaborative partnership. Smarro adds, “We are thrilled to be part of revolutionizing radiology and will continue to do so.”