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Automated kiosk for basic health checkup tests

Kiosk Features:

  • Workflow Automation – Automatic transmission of basic test results (blood pressure, height, weight, body composition, vision, etc.) to the EMR, HIS, RIS, PM or other Information System to reduce nursing tasks (result receipt, input, etc.).
  • Data Reliability – Higher patient data reliability through prevention of human errors.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Kind to the planet
  • Seamless Integration – Integration with basic health test devices through various interface types.
  • Various Kiosk Options – Different kiosk options available to suit each hospital environments: wall-mounted, stand-alone, and all-in-one types.
  • Personal Health Management – Regular self-measurement and record-keeping. Transmission of test results to your phone.
  • Digital Signage – Broadcasting videos and images through the kiosk screen. Displaying notices, welcoming messages for visitors, company promotional videos, etc.